Thursday, October 22, 2009

(A little over) 5 Months!

And, oh girl, do I look and feel it! I think I look bigger than I should, but my weight gain is right on target so far.

News: I went back to work starting on Monday. It's stressful for me, but I got to keep on truckin'!

I'm still recouping from my infections, but I do feel vast improvement. Since I was sick for a month, I did not really go anywhere except to doctors. Our niece was forbidden to come over (which I think was for the best for sure). However, last weekend we got to attend a fall festival together as a family. Ricky rode the bull. Maybe it'd be more accurate to say that Ricky watched the bull, as he spent more time off of it than on it!

I think he averaged 2 seconds on each time. He says his thighs are still hurting!