Monday, January 16, 2017

Symptometry Update (after three years)

I'll be brief and to the point.

Year 1 -- Improvements!

Year 2 -- Stagnant

Year 3 -- Decline (Doctor constantly trying new plans to figure out why I stopped responding); I lost half my improvements, kept half. We still did not feel like God had released us from Symptometry, though.

Now -- Last month, Doctor realized my circulation has become so poor that the particulates cannot flow through my veins well enough to be beneficial. So, we began a new treatment plan to focus slowly on improving circulation and increasing blood flow. I began it right before the new year, and... long story short -- it's working! My right ankle that had turned out in May 2013 has finally (drastically) improved! I had three pressure sores on it and could not stand on it as it kept growing worse ever since, eventually leading to a loss of leg muscle. It did point to 2 o'clock (at it's worse) but now it's like half past 12 (not all perfect but wow!) I am now able to stand on my foot! I can practice walking a little now :) My right ankle/foot was my #1 concern, so I'm quite happy and praise God for hearing my cries and alleviating the pain!

This video was taken on 7/6/2014.

This picture is from 10 days ago.

I hope to update my health improvements chart this week.

We're note sure where this is going, but we're going with God!