Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bits and Pieces

  • I'll catch up on the first two weeks of December now, and I hope to go through New Year's next week. I aim to post a Symptometry update in between them.
  • The first full week of December: The kids so enjoyed no school and our Advent days! We had friends over for St. Nicholas Day; Grandma came for four days -- helped Ricky move out of our storage unit one day, made birthday cupcakes...; Grandpa and Uncle Robby came down; and, we all celebrated Micaiah's 5th birthday (more below)!
  • The next week: We had the Christmas movie marathon on his actual birthday and let him select our meals and pizza. We, also, got to hold a small birthday celebration for our friend, who turned 30 ;)
  • For birthday presents, we usually get our kids a book and a toy and renew their magazine subscription (Highlights/Ranger Rick). 
I just love the way these turned out! Micaiah wrote his name on them all (with Kwik Stix), and both kids stamped (with acrylic paint) the lego border :)

Making and icing 70+ gingerbread cookies

  • Micaiah turned five, so we had a big (20+) party for him complete with boy-friends and presents. It was a LEGO-themed party to celebrate his transition from Duplos to Legos. He loved it, and he is now obsessed with legos! For gifts, he received Legos, books, and dress-up costume stuff :)