Saturday, January 16, 2016

Symptometry Update (after two years)

I've been meaning to write this for months now!

In a nutshell I experienced a lot of health improvements the first year on Symptometry. While it has been a very stagnant second year for me with no real improvement, I have retained the majority of the previous year's improvements (as long as I continue on particulates paired with the diet of course), which is noteworthy. I do not want those symptoms back! Twice I went without particulates for several weeks, and symptoms would return. Then, it would take several more weeks on particulates just to get those symptoms to disappear again. Clearly, my body likes particulates.

Further, we do not have any plans to give up the diet part, as we both have several reasons and benefits for continuing it.

Ricky had blood work a year and a half ago, and he had four red flags. He had a few outward symptoms that alerted him to possible underlying health problems. He took particulates for six months, then just maintained on the diet for nine months before getting his blood checked. When he did last autumn, all four symptoms had been completely resolved :)

Ricky had normal problems though. Genetics are another beast entirely because problems are on a chromosomal level, and I have had deadened nerves and cells for many years that have been deprived of vital necessities since birth. While Symptometry supplies my cells with all they need to revitalize, it is completely up to my cells to respond. We are praying for my cells to pick up again but we know that I am in God's Hands!

Anyway, we do not feel as if God has released us yet from Symptometry -- so we are not quitting. We are totally unsure of God's intentions or plans or will for calling us to this. We have many speculations as to the whys. But, they are just thoughts and guesses.

We like Symptometry, but our first and foremost (no comparison) desire is to follow God each day -- to love, seek, worship, glorify, focus on, and trust Him more.