Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our Skydiving Adventure {video}

Ricky recently brought this video out to show family and friends... and someone demanded that I share this on the blog. During my final year in college, I took my best friend, Ricky, with me to go skydiving in rural Kentucky (we were not dating yet). We took a one-hour crash course and then got to go tandem skydiving (with an instructor). We were both pudgier, and while I walked a little here, I had just begun using a wheelchair a month or so earlier. Ricky was scared, nervous, and kept seeing his "life flash before his eyes" (his words). I'm the fearless, adventurous one. I always joke that the reason I made him jump out first was so if he chickened out, I'd be there to push him ;)

Two miles up. 30 seconds of freefallS = One mile. 5 more minutes of floating with chute = Other mile.

Enjoy (~12 minutes)!