Saturday, October 3, 2015

Motivation to Speak

Some personal off-hand motivators for finding the strength and faith to obey God (this may be applicable in general, but I am specifically addressing obeying God by talking to others about what God has told or shown me) --
  1. Regret; I hate it and want to avoid it. 
  2. Fear of God and having to stand before Him that day. 
  3. Love for Him and knowing whatever He is asking of me is miniscule compared to His love for me. 
  4. Growing in humility makes speaking to others way easier. 
  5. Memorizing Scripture. 
  6. Perspective; I don't get this moment again. The one good thing that we don't get to do in heaven is evangelism. 
  7. Prayer!
These are not in any kind of order, just random!