Friday, October 9, 2015

Hearing then Speaking

Hearing from God --
Distinguishing His voice definitely gets easier for me the more I'm in the Word. Because we are contaminated (battle) with our flesh, the Word is supreme over the Spirit's voice/leading. My flesh can sabotage and confuse and mislead and misinterpret -- ugh! So, whenever I hear Him, I always dissect it and hold it up to the scrutiny of His Word.

And now --
Actually, He speaks to me less frequently nowadays. I use to be perturbed/upset over this for a few years, until He spoke to me about it and His Spirit laid it out for me. I know it is just a phase/time/season/chapter for me and my life.

Obeying God to share --
He usually told me things or showed me visions about/for other believers. In which case, I would tell them. I don't really struggle with fear of man, so it wasn't too hard to obey, shrug it off, and go on my merry way. I guess it's a matter of doing my part and then just having to trust the Spirit to take over and explain it to their hearts or redeem my words if I botched the message (I'm a botcher). I move on rather easily and don't dwell on stuff. Now, if it's a word for a nonbeliever, I have a harder time because I struggle with the fear of screwing it all up for them and becoming a hindrance to the faith (I know this is unreasonable).