Saturday, May 9, 2015

Well-Worn Paths to the Cross

In honor of Mother's Day tomorrow --
"You do your children great disservice if you strip away all the excuses for failure and force them to see all their sin as it is, without giving them well-worn paths to the Cross." ~ Ted Tripp
This quote really struck me simply because of two words -- "well-worn". 

I am all about no excuses (because if excuses are allowed, there is no need for the Cross) and for seeing the straight-up evil within our hearts (because without confronting our own wickedness, there is no need for the Cross), BUT... we are lost, helpless, and stuck in our own dark despair without a WAY OUT. Yet, (thank God!) we know that there is a way out, the way to the Cross!

"Well-worn"... Telling our kids how to get to God is vital, but showing our kids how we get to God -- daily -- brings reality to vital. Makes it really vital.

"When I mess up and fail and fall, this is what I do. This is the way to the Cross. This is my well-worn path to the Savior."

[I just read Ann Voskamp's Mother's Day post and sobbed -- so much truth, so many good things to repeat, so much grace. A must-read.]