Sunday, March 23, 2014


About a year ago, I decided to make the switch to dresses or skirts for the DiMartino women.

There are many thoughts and questions surrounding this issue -- You are that family?! What, why??

I was iffy about sharing this because I always thought it was a legalistic thing; and, I hate legalism! But, it really all comes from a softened heart that is completely open to Him and His leading. While there are so many objections that I use to have, I realized that deep down they were just rationalizations or reasons why it really is okay to keep doing what I'm doing, ways for me to get out it because I didn't want to be that person, that Christian.

However, Erika Shupe wrote an excellent, thorough post on this issue this week, and it covers A LOT of information that I recommend reading. So, here is her intro:

Modest Dress: The Heart of the Issue Surrounding Clothing, Sexuality & Biblical Femininity 
by Erika Shupe

Our family had always tried to dressed as modestly as we could in our pants, however I wondered why some Christian families had all of their ladies wear dresses or skirts. I couldn’t find a scripture that said, “Thou shall always wear dresses or skirts”, and yet we continually saw beautiful, conservative families dressing this way exclusively and intentionally. We’ve watched clothing trends moved towards less and less material especially for women and even worse, less and less clothing for young women and girls – and disappointingly, the church is less and less a haven of refuge from these trends.

I'll share with you,
  • How and why we began wearing skirts exclusively 
  • My 4 Original Objections to Exclusive Skirts 
  • Creating My New Look 
  • Changes of the Heart 
  • Online Resources

{We are still transitioning somewhat, meaning I (Aidan) still have pajama pants I wear at home on the weekends when we're alone (because I don't own long, comfy skirts yet) and Aolani's dresses are mostly knee length (eventually long ones exclusively is the goal).

Also, since Ricky has worked in the court system, he has heard several cases where little girl victims could have not been victims at all had they been wearing long dresses or skirts! Talk about real life motivation!}