Sunday, May 26, 2013

You Can Relate

I have encountered (and experienced) a certain fearful attitude among many Christians that looks like this:

You encounter a drug-addict* and want to witness to them and tell them all about the freedom and hope found in Jesus... but, before you say anything, you hesitate. You wonder, "I've never been addicted to drugs. How can I relate to this person? S/he'll think that since I've never been in their shoes, what I'm saying doesn't really apply or help him/her."
*anyone with different struggles than your own, be it drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, gambling, sex, pride, eating disorders, greed, low self-esteem issues, pornography, anger, envy, doubt, anxiety, lying, deceiving, quarreling, prejudice, fears, gossip, stealing, merciless, manipulating, unforgiving, other addictions or selfish behavior...

I understand this, but I got to thinking about it... And, guess what? We can relate to anyone! Because at the root of every sinful struggle and problem is the same thing -- sin nature. The sinful flesh. Self. Self. Self. We are all consumed with ourselves. And, Christ offers freedom from being a slave to our nature. The ability to say no. The calling to take up our cross and die daily to self.

While it may appear that Sue does have anything in common with Joe, think again. They both know slavery and addiction and strong desires and feeling helpless. But Sue knows the Helper. He can help Joe just as He did Sue.

So, have no fear! You can relate to all!