Friday, January 4, 2013

26 Pictures = 26 {Million} Words ?

  •  And, I'm still playing catch-up from our 11-day vacation to my parents' home... If I had ample time, I'd write about: our toddler holding her pee for over three hours in the car and then vomiting in the car, monsters in tents, girls playing dress-up, Veggietales Easter, croup coughs, Les Miserables, games, Paleo recipes, aprons and baking, sleeping in, presents, Ricky working on transcripts, baby diarrhea, Jesus' birthday celebration, Micaiah's birthday celebration, "joint ownership" to the John Deere push-n-ride tractor, little tables, wheelchair rides, visiting friends, self-serve fro-yo, Christmas Eve service and Aolani trying to grab other girls' necklaces while on stage, and lots of eating ;)
  • The following pictures are many and not in any order...



  • Verse to memorize this week: Romans 14:23 ~ what is not of faith is sin.