Sunday, September 9, 2012

Creating a Culture

This post will probably not benefit you. It is mostly just a thought of mine I want to jot down instead of storing it inside me.

I often feel like we are creating our own culture (for lack of a more fitting word). "We" being our little DiMartino household.

Here are some of the groups/cliques/stereotypes that we utilize ideas from:
  • Eternally-focused/Missions-minded/Treasures in Heaven/Giving/JESUS, JESUS, JESUS
  • Green/Environmental-friendly (and consequently, others-friendly)/Local
  • Frugal/Repurpose/Thrifty
  • Simple/Organized/Decluttered
  • Healthy/Organic/Quality
  • Natural health/Natural childbirth/Breastfeeding/No chemicals (or contraceptives)
  • Easy/Disabled/Wheelchair-friendly living/Friedreich's Ataxia/Mom on Wheels
I do not feel like we are "all-the-way" on these (except the first bullet, we strive for more Jesus and how to give more every day), but instead, we have to dabble some in this area before being cut off and having to use some other principles that keeps us wandering in No Man's Land.

Let me give an example: Yesterday, we had to have our groceries delivered, for a whopping $30! Yikes! We had to pay for it with money from our small savings account as it is not a normal budgeted expense for us. It was painstaking for me (I keep the budget), but it had to be done for several reasons. While it doesn't fit in with most of our priorities, it was the easiest and best thing for our family to do at this time.

Every decision we make runs through this filter. We constantly are weighing pros and cons, praying before purchases and choices, and trying to find the balance. What is possible in our shoes? One-car family. I don't use knives or stoves. Packaged bread. Canned tomatoes. Fresh eggs. Homemade cleaners. No makeup. No television. I don't drive. No library story times. Yes to ticklefests. Yes to books. On and on it goes.

Bottom line is that we don't really fit fully into any one lifestyle -- hippies, homemakers, disabled families, especially most Christians (the majority are not living for eternity)... As a result, we often feel like we are just creating our own culture.

*Note: No judgement on anyone who does not make the same choices as we do!