Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I Do Around Here

I thought I'd write about what I am able to do to contribute to the running of our household.

[Insider info: Most people do not have any understanding of my disease, Friedreich's Ataxia, nor do I expect them to! They see a normal-looking girl in a wheelchair and classify me as such -- a girl in a wheelchair. Therefore, I just do things from a sitting position; if they can do it sitting down, then so could I, right? Well, this is where assumptions are most likely going to be wrong. You see, I have to juggle minimal trunk balance, spasticity, bad dexterity, holding myself upright (thus, one hand to hold the wheelchair and one hand to use when I lean or bend), keeping my feet in place, focusing my eyes, extreme fatigue, and not-dropping-everything-I-finally-get-my-hands-on. Yeah, don't recruit Butter-Fingers here to be on your flag football team. Anyway, so things are a little trickier for me than say the paraplegic in a car accident (not to diminish their unique struggles that I do not experience). Anyway, this blurb was not meant to complain, just to provide some insight.]

I'll just make a list:

  • laundry (we have a washer/dryer-in-one that is front-loading)

  • make most of the household/hygiene products we use

  • balance the budget and pay bills

  • purchase any and all household goods (online shopping)

  • make menu plans

  • grocery shopping (I order items online from Harris Teeter and then Ricky just has to drive up for the workers to load)

  • keep our calendar/schedule (appointments and such)

  • all miscellaneous paperwork and filing and computer/online stuff

  • cleaning and pick-up that is not too overwhelming or too tough

  • overall, I have a zillion lists everywhere

  • oh yeah, and take care of myself and the toddler
I try to do whatever does not require walking or accessibility (since our condo is not accessible). Basically, I am the brains and Ricky is the brawn ;) Yeah, right!