Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Guide Gently

Out of all the blog posts I have read thus far, this one is my favorite. It touches, in the conviction sense of the word, me far too deeply. I would just link to it or post my own thoughts about the matter, but I wanted her words exactly like she wrote them. Every time I try to elaborate, I end up butchering the words and skewing meanings. So, I gave up. The post below comes straight from Ann Voskamp's blog. If I had one blog to read, this would be it. This post hits me in my relationships with everyone. It hits me in the way I live, the way I speak, my ways... Everyone, this is a MUST-READ whether or not this is a struggle for you.

Rain streams in rivulets down the glass. The needle again begins to purr. I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and finger write those words on soul sand: “Just guide gently.”

Push and it will all pucker.

Don’t I know that too well. How many perfectly good days have I wrinkled because I pushed, arms heavy with an agenda? How many happy faces have I wrinkled into distress with pushing words: “Hurry up! We could have been finished this by now if you hadn’t dawdled here…” I don’t even want to consider how many bare, beating hearts I have crinkled and crumpled with my pushing for more...