Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just One Thing

"Most of us, when we are praying, think of the pancake on the stove which might burn. While making pancakes, we think how nice it would be to pass our time in prayer. While speaking with one man, we think how useful it would be to pass our time with another. We never do anything well. Only one thing can be done well at a time." ~ Richard Wurmbrand

Ricky is going to laugh at me. How often am I found doing several things at once? I consistently am multitasking. Or dreaming of what I wish I was doing instead of what I am doing. But do I ever focus on ONE thing, the present thing (the thing at hand), and do it well? Now that there is a baby with nonstop wants and needs, this really seems far-fetched. Maybe it's not. I am not bashing multitasking or daydreaming, but I do not want to dismiss the moments at hand to excel for the sake of something else. I am sure there is a balance to be discovered. You know the cliché - Be where you are. I guess that's a good place to start.

Tip: Do one thing and do it well.

Application: I am a beginner, so I am going to start by taking two minutes to just focus on my breathing. When I pay attention to my breathing, I noticed that I breathe slower and deeper. And now my health gets a boost, too :)

Only one thing is needed... so let's do that well.