Monday, September 13, 2010

Boxes and Veggies and Games - Oh My!

  • Ricky brought something home to us, and we don't know what. It wasn't a big, bad sickness, albeit one terrible day for me last week. Congestion is left in the wake (Aolani still blows really cute snot bubbles ;)
  • First food: sweet potato. Second food: avocado. Reaction: doesn't get it. She spits it everywhere while making fart noises and thinks she is gagging every time any gets in her mouth. She's even cried some during the ordeal! I tell her that there is no rush to learning to eat real food ;) [Some must have gotten swallowed as her poop stinks now!]

We just mixed some real food with water.

  • NFL started this past weekend. To usher the season in, I have joined my first fantasy league (a small family business)!
  • Aolani is really growing - she cooked dinner for us last week!

  • We put her the hardwood floor and watched her slide herself backwards across the room :)
  • Daddy rocking her box-boat: