Monday, August 2, 2010


  • Meet Melchizedek. "Mel" for short, if you wish. Read more about the name by clicking here. After eight months of waiting, the moment arrived. And so did Mel. While he looks very similar to Mishael, there are several changes. Most aren't noticeable, so I won't bore you with those. The main two are the rotating arms and front-locking brakes (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles)! He is "missing" one other thing I wanted that is now on order. I feel bigger, taller ;), and larger; so, I am relearning how to navigate, bumping into every doorway, and nursing pinched fingers. I may look like a bumbler, but I am much happier with Mel.

Melchizedek will carry me to remind me that the real Melchizedek is my true Support, carrying me through each now.

  • Accurate measurements for Aolani: 26.5" and 15.5 lbs :)
  • I still think Aolani is sensitive to dairy, and I think I may have developed an egg allergy since I gave birth! Weird, I know, but weirder things have happened ;)
  • Although Ricky had a rough week last week, he is much better now. We are all splendid and preparing for a short trip to Seattle this weekend. Aolani has never slept away from home nor traveled far. She does not have prior experience with airports, flights, or time changes. Up, up, and away we'll go!
  • If you like Christian rap, then you will really enjoy this song by Lecrae.