Monday, August 16, 2010

Bite-Size Pieces

... of my musings :)
  • Lead by following. Follow Him, and you will lead others to Him. Think of a Mambo line with Jesus leading and you're holding on to Him next in line. Lead by following.
  • During our trip to Seattle, an engaged woman asked me for a quick nugget of marital advice. Typically, I would have froze, stumbled over my words, and possibly have offered something unintelligible and dull in my moment of stage fright. Much to my surprise, I measured up and gave a quick, clear retort. And it was GOOD. Let me share it with you: "In marriage, it is not right versus wrong. It is different. My thoughts and my ways are not right and his wrong. They are different." I must add that this little insight has increased our respect for one another and the overall peace in our relationship. I do not have this down pat. It is not easy for me. And, I'll humbly and freely admit that I rarely succeed at implementation. But, I try. Do I get an 'A' for effort? ;)
  • Ricky and I were on a date playing chess (yes, again). Ricky mentioned how the Queen is the most powerful piece in chess with that twinkle in his eye telling me that he's referring to more than chess. And I remark that while the Queen is more powerful than the King, the only reason that she is given that power is to use her strength to protect the King. Let me encourage wives to not use your strengths over your husand but for him. We must battle for him in order to build him up. You and he are on the same side!

I hope that these bite-size pieces encourage you!