Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aolani's Airplane Adventures

Seattle trip:

  • The city? Cold and rainy. Did not even get a glimpse of the sun until I returned to the hot and sunny South.

  • The flights? All on schedule. Uneventful. Aolani was wonderful. Smiled at all the passengers. Slept through the take offs and landings. She was a traveling champion.

  • The visit? Ricky's maternal grandparents flew us out there for their 60th wedding anniversary celebration! It was great to introduce Aolani to Ricky's family (Ricky is from Seattle.) She smiled, laughed, and flirted with everyone :) Aolani never really adjusted to the time change. Aolani's agenda since returning home: sleep, eat, and that's it ;)

  • The envoy:

Uncle Robby flew with us as our pack mule. He got many comments on his large, pink "neck pillow."

  • Book Love

  • Daddy Love

  • Uncle Love

      • Just too cute:

      Aolani with Nonna (Ricky's mom)

      Buh Bye, Seattle (Aolani is chillin' in her Ergocarrier, which we highly recommend!)