Friday, December 30, 2016

Resolutions for 2017

The intro is from my post three years ago on resolutions (just because it still accurately expresses my thoughts!):

"Let me start by saying that just hearing the phrase New Year's resolutions rubs me wrong. I think that one reason is because weight loss is the first thing to come to mind because it is so common. Also, no one actually keeps them or remembers them after a few months. So they seem pointless and not very profitable.

But... it is hard for me to let such an opportunity to pass me by. I relish times of purpose to be still and reflect. [I sound like a Mary -- haha, but I really am a Martha-doer struggling to find (designate) time to be still and reflect.]

If God does not forbid it, and it strengthens your love-relationship with Christ, then I want to take advantage! Not that I cannot make "resolutions" other times of the year, but I have to be somewhat forced to sit back and reflect or it just does not happen because life is constantly demanding! Since this new year's time is already designated for making resolutions, then I'm going to let it "force" me :)

I find that I frequently need to evaluate my life in all areas to keep it going in the direction I want it to (towards glorifying God, of course). I hate regret and don't want to be on my death-bed, looking back on my life, and thinking, "If only I had done something with that part of my life back when I had the chance before it spiraled out of control."

The best way to change anything is to alter my spiritual life and let God have more access to my heart so He can bring true and lasting change to myself..."

Last year's resolutions were just too numerous for me. I found myself not even trying sometimes because the sheer amount of change was daunting, So, I am only aiming for one this year... one life-altering, game-changing resolution:
  1. Daily, routine devotional time -- The key difference will be the routine aspect. Right now, I read and do other stuff a little here and there throughout the day whenever I can spare a moment. However, I quote the Bible and memorize Scripture when I am in the tub soaking every night for 20 minutes. I treasure this time to go a little deeper pondering the Word and hearing from the Lord, but I want more of it. I stay grounded with my other reading during the day but it's not long enough to let my roots grow down deep because I have to keep moving! But I need to get back to routine now. I'd like to spend around an hour or so with God everyday, the sooner the better in the day. I hope to get up earlier so I know I will be going to bed earlier at night, so office and computer work will have to be cut down and back. I don't know what else will suffer, but we'll see. I'm prepared to relax on schooling or cooking or housework or whatever has to give to allow for this desperately needed chunk of time.

  • I'm excited! Happy resolving!