Friday, December 9, 2016

Thankful When Soaring or Not

  • Four weeks ago: we got to attend a Wycliffe Associates banquet, go on our Autumn walk, host the second annual flag football game with our church and community, hold our first Poppin' Party*, and attend a birthday party for a baby boy from the Marshall Islands turning one (in their culture turning one is a big deal, and the baby gives us presents!). There were a lot of people and food, and choreographed dancing and singing :)
  • *The Poppin' Party is what we invented. I figured out that rolling on bubble wrap was very therapeutic for me, so maybe others in wheelchairs would too! We took a big roll of it to a nursing home (with another family). Set it up with music and balloons (which the kids sat on and popped). While some of the residents participated, most loved watching the kids go wild popping. My next dream is to take this joy to a children's ward at a hospital :)
  • Three weeks ago: we had some church friends over for dinner, went on a date to a Lecrae concert (our favorite rap artist), and I was sick in bed all day one day and had to beg a friend to come over the next day to help me pack the family because Ricky's grandma graciously flew us out to Arizona for a week! We wrapped up our 15th week of homeschool this week and are now enjoying a 7-week break; our school will resume January 9, 2017 ;) Also, my parents finally moved in to the house they were building on their farm -- so exciting! We can't wait to ring in the new year there!
  • Two weeks ago: Arizona! A wonderful trip; we were just so honored to be with there! Grandma even gave us her bedroom and slept on the couch (she's almost 90-yo) -- crazy! Ricky's mom was got there before us, so we got to spend a few days with her and Grandma before Ricky's dad and brother joined us. We got to go see the Grand Canyon (my first time) -- cold but worth it! Simply indescribable. Other events; swimming, park, home-cooked Thanksgiving, water-balloon fight, golf cart rides, miniature golf, saw Moana in theater, games... Oh, and a great "small-world" story: Ricky's mom's shuttle driver in Arizona happened to be the brother of dear friends in our church's small group!
  • Last week: We returned home late at night to a dead fridge/freezer and had to throw everything out (the smell was putrid). The repairman announced it was just turned off; Micaiah admitted to possibly doing that before we left on our trip... A costly child mistake... Then, we got to support our friends by attending their boys' baptism :) Also, we had a Marshallese family over for dinner, had our pastor for lunch, went to a dinner party, held Mission's Committee here, and was sick again one day with food poisoning :(
  • Kids' measurements: Aolani -- 46.5" tall & weighs 50lbs; Micaiah -- 43" tall & weighs 39lbs 

Veteran's Day nature walk on Greenway
Poppin' Party set-up
The kids really loved it and had a blast!
Ready for the signal
How many...?
the Marshallese birthday party
Lecrae concert

Meanwhile, the kids...
Ready for takeoff!
Chopping the apples for Thanksgiving's applesauce :)
They enjoyed playing in the desert-rock yards :)
the saguaros

Grand Canyon
Yep -- indescribable.
Putt-putt with Grandpa and Uncle Robby

Everyone in great-Grandma's neighborhood uses a golf cart to get around
Aolani made our Thanksgiving place cards and mats
The kids got to see the cockpit!
Our dear friends got to have all of their boys baptized together
  • School verses: Micaiah -- Proverbs 26:23, Proverbs 15:8 ; Aolani -- Isaiah 55:7, Proverbs 15:8
  • Verses to memorize lately: 2 Corinthians 5:12-5