Monday, April 11, 2016

Messed-up, Flawed, Not-good-enough People

Still pondering and working on my summary post I've been mentioning. In the meantime, here's a super-great quote:
"It’s still messy and ugly and hard. 
But in the midst of this struggle, I have never been more acutely aware of my own need for grace, nor more comforted by the realization that God uses our imperfection to do His best work. 
In fact, if there is one thing the Bible makes abundantly clear, again and again, it is that God uses the most messed-up, flawed, not-good-enough people to do His will again and again, because messed-up, flawed, not-good-enough people are all that he has to choose from. 
There are very few Hollywood endings to be found; on the contrary, there is only story upon story of people who failed, yet God somehow used them anyway."

~ Ruth Soukup