Friday, September 4, 2015

Beneath the Waters

  • I had friends help me out everyday last week; I know I these amazing saints are getting worn out! Ricky and I had uneventful dentist appointments :) I met with a Christian cleaning company. Ricky went bowling with his guy friends. While he bowled, Aolani went to play with some family friends. Micaiah and I had a date night complete with dinner, art, painting, game, a Thomas the Train movie, dessert, and library books ;) All of us had a good time! We also had our weekly pizza/movie night and went to church.
  • Our church also had its annual summer pool gathering, and Aolani was baptized by Ricky! He shared her story first. Then, when they went into the water, Micaiah quickly joined and tried to help hold her nose -- it was so precious and sweet! [I hope to eventually get her story typed up and put together a choppy video of her baptism.]
  • Another crazy week this was as I thought I had everything all lined up to allow for a worker to help for two-days, and then things fell through. So, I spent the rest of the week working on new plans for us; I'll elaborate more next week. I spent most of this week just being exhausted.
holding our friends' new baby boy, Beto
Micaiah was swimming in his floaties by himself for the first time and LOVED it!

 Aolani's sweet baptism
  • School verse: Proverbs 20:11 E -- Even a child is known by his actions -- by whether his conduct is pure and right.
  • Verse to memorize this week: Psalm 128:1 Blessed is he who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways.