Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hilton Head Vacay

  • Vacation in Hilton Head with my family was so nice and relaxing! Besides a little tumble I had that left wounds for the week (but no ER visit -- thank God!), I got to do exactly what I love -- lots of reading and some board games! And, Ricky did a lot of physical activity -- walking, running, swimming, biking, golf, tennis, Shuffleboard, and BoccĂ© ball! [I did go for a family stroll, get in the pool, and enjoy the beach :)] The kids loved every second of playing with their cousins! [See slideshow below]
  • This week has been the other grandparent week of the year; so, we have been kid-free this past week! I'll write about that next week.
  • Here are all the cute quotes from vacation --
  • I had my fall on the way to the pool for the first time. The following morning, Micaiah told us, "I don't want Mommy to go to the pool. I don't want Mommy to fall and get hurt."
  • Upon arriving at the pool for the first time, Micaiah asked, "Where's the sand??"
  • Offering Ricky some advice after scanning his room, Aolani said, "Daddy, you should close your closet so nobody sees your underwear."
  • Grandma pointed out, "Those flowers are really beautiful." Aolani agreed, "Yeah, just like Mommy." <Awww...> 
  • After his first bike ride, Micaiah announced, "Those woods have foxes, bears, and T-rexes!" 
  • Upon smelling people grilling, Micaiah told us, "The bears are cooking egg-cheese toast in the fire." ;)
  • After waking up from his nap, Micaiah declared, "I sleep too much!"
  • Aolani: "Excuse me. Every day when you (Ricky) and Grandma tried to say flip-flop, you would say sandals. Sandals have a back-strap, flip-flops don't." <Ohhh... ;)> 
  • Aolani asked Ricky, "Why every day do you want to park backwards?"
  • Micaiah stated, "The hot tub is good for your bones... that's what Daddy said." :)