Monday, September 22, 2014

Marriage Leads -- Part 1

Pretty much from early on in my marriage, I realized that this is not what I had imagined. This is no fairy tale.

I know most single women think of little else apart from men, love, companionship, marriage. Most all girls (even Christian ones) end up idolizing love and marriage, even above the Exalted One.

I remember dating and being engaged. And frequently praying against idolatry in my own heart -- that I wouldn't treasure Ricky, our love and future marriage too much, so that they would not end up first in my heart. I also remember thinking of how Ricky will lead me to Christ because he is so righteous and holy.

Well, while that may be a danger for single/engaged/newlywed women, that is not a real threat for those who are married long.

The rose-colored glasses come off quick, and you suddenly see that your Prince Charming is just some weak, selfish, sinful creature -- just like you.

But, guess what??

Ricky does lead me to Christ! Although Ricky is regenerated and holy before God, that is not the sole reason. I go to Christ often because Ricky is human! Because he lets me down or disappoints or acts foolishly or cruelly or unjustly or selfishly... I realize that there is a Perfect Lover who desires me! And He is the one I long for; He will meet my needs. For He does indeed love me fully. So, it is to Him I run :)

Because of Ricky.

Thank You, God, for Ricky!!

Note: I post this with Ricky's permission, as I realize this makes him look bad. Just know that however bad he appears, I am incredibly worse! Ricky is indeed a very godly man who also leads me to Christ through his own upright character, faith, and by the washing of the Word.