Saturday, August 2, 2014

What Forgiveness Looks Like -- Part 2

I wanted to add some more points for clarification to last week's post on forgiveness (part 1).

When I was reading it over, I not only felt like it was somewhat incomplete, but I was struck by how it seemed to put forth this "poor me" aura. Like a I-need-sympathy-because-poor-me-is-so-sinned-against, kind of thing. Which is ironic because if you know me, that is not me at all. I think the whole victim mentality is dangerous, as it can lead to a wrong view of self, sin, and God.

I'm not the perfect, quiet girl that does and says no wrong. When I say that a person's words feel like little daggers, I should first tell you that I have unleashed quite a few daggers of my own. I know how to unwisely use the tongue to hurl harsh and hurtful words. A wrong of which I need forgiveness from others and God.

Also, there is one thing that really helps keep the right perspective and steer clear of the victim mentality. When I feel wronged and am pausing to pray, I not only forgive and free the other person, but I ask God to forgive me for being offendedBecause love is not easily offended... 

In addition, I forgot to share that I added one extra step at the end, per a friend's suggestion -- to pray for that person. This is huge, and it is a practice that I've begun to do frequently. It keeps me from letting bitterness creep in (which happens when you "lecture" or "preach to" that person in your head).

I mean, hey, Richard Wurmbrand was praying for his persecutors while they were beating him in the Communist prison!
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. ~ Romans 5:8
We show God's love for others to others by imitating our Savior.

Shall we not do likewise?