Thursday, August 8, 2013

Two Towers

  • Well, our past weeks have been mostly uneventful (phew!). Although, we have had dinner with some friends a few times, we went to see a new chiropractor, and we visited with my paternal side of the family last weekend (which was pleasant and refreshing). Now, we are gearing up for two weeks of nonstop visitors!
  • Aolani's antics: I do not have much to say except that she is constantly and loudly serenading us all. Oh, and she bit a friend this week and was caught choking her brother today :( Where is she learning this stuff?
  • Micaiah's mishaps: now he is the real biter right now, bit me twice while nursing the other night and had to take mimi away from him (has not happened since...), says amen, my, milk, eye, thank you, please, cheese, poop, and every one is remarking how He is all boy or How do you keep up with him? (Ahh, yes, don't we know!).
  • The other weekend, we watched an animated movie, and it had a brief sword-fighting scene between mice. Micaiah leaped up, let out his warrior-battle cry (?), and proceeded to pretend sword-fight and wield two swords (one in each hand)! I just stared at him and commented about how I do not remember Aolani doing this ;)
  • And below is a shot of the new bookshelf in the main room. There are five shelves, and Micaiah can reach the first three. #1: a few of Micaiah's toys #2: board books #3: small board books and a few of Aolani's toys #4: Aolani's nice books (with paper pages that can easily be torn and ripped) #5: Aolani's games and preschool books (that I hope to start next month) [Ricky keeps the Kindle, his Bible, and other books on the top]. I must say both kids love this, but Aolani is now to be found on the couch looking at books all day long :)

  • Just refining the verses I quote, since I find myself skipping a few when I go through them.
  • We are still learning the 'D' verse; although, she knows all four verses so far, she gets the references and numbers all mixed up: Luke 6:31 ~ Do to others as you would have them do to you.