Thursday, August 22, 2013

Swirls and Whirls

  • Because I'm behind (and I broke my keyboard and this one is hard for me to use), I must resort to facts here -- met with my new doula, enjoyed a visit from Ricky's parents and grandparents (from Seattle), my mom took care of us last week, my brother and his family came for their annual visit (and the four kids lived it up playing together), and had the pleasure of having a college roommate visit for one night.
  • Micaiah recently measured 25.6 lbs and 32" tall (I think; my memory is iffy).
  • I think my sickness is easing! I haven't vomited in five days. I feel more queasy than nauseous, and I am starting to think more clearly ;) However, the insomnia has yet to ease.
  • I had three goals for myself during the first trimester:
    1. stay on top of laundry (check!)
    2. nurse Micaiah (mostly good; I may have skipped a few nap sessions and shortened his time when I couldn't take it)
    3. read to Aolani at least one book a day (more times than not)

  • Aolani has her A, B, C, & D verses down pat but not the correct references (i.e., every verse is verse ten). Not sure if I should stress the references and wait or just move on...
  • As my brain fog is lifting, I am going to spend one more week getting my Scripture memory up to par, and next week I'll start a new chapter for this baby! {Aolani's chapter was Philippians 4 and Micaiah's chapter was Romans 8.}