Monday, August 12, 2013

A Plus Sign

We are upping the DiMartino ranks by one :)

I am 11 weeks today. {Due date: March 3, 2014}

We do not intend to find out the gender of this little one. So, we'll all be surprised.

Yes, I have the first trimester joys -- nauseous all day, vomiting, gag all the time (can't brush my teeth), exhausted, always eating, unable to read (makes me sick), headaches, insomnia (it takes 11-12 hours in bed to average six hours of actual sleep -- not fun)... I really feel like I am on self-prescribed bed-rest ;) Yet, I hope to only have another couple weeks of this yucky six-week sickness. However, I was sicker with Aolani but not quite as sick with Micaiah; this one is in-between (each pregnancy and baby is different!). And, most importantly, He is giving me the strength (and help from others) to just make it through each day at hand!

[And, of course, the unspoken questions people always wonder: Was this planned? Sure was! Had you been trying long? Nope, first try again (for all three now; NFP is super-grand).]