Wednesday, July 17, 2013


  • Catching up two weeks is rather daunting... so, I'll abbreviate. [My mind is still catching up!]
  • We drove to Cincinnati to visit family and attend a baseball series between the Reds and the Mariners. While it was fun and a good first experience for the kids, 35,000 people plus the heat was a bit exhausting for introverted-me. Ricky and I got to watch fireworks since kids :)
  • I went ahead and weaned Aolani and let her have her last nursing session the morning before we left. She's almost three and a half, so she is doing very well. She does still ask for it daily, as Micaiah is still nursing. But, she understands; it's almond milk from here on out.
  • We returned late one night, having left Aolani with Ricky's parents for four nights. [Supposedly, she started missing us halfway through her trip.] We had a wild 15 hours -- unloading, finishing work, getting groceries, sleep, shower, unpacking, and repacking -- before Ricky had to leave for a work conference in New Orleans (French Quarter, Bourbon Street, yeah). He was gone for four nights. For the first three nights, I had Superwoman spend nights here with her newborn, and I had other friends come by to help with meals. Then, Aolani and the grands showed up for the final night. And the next day, we picked Ricky up from the airport. Phew! [I rather immensely missed my husband and could not get good sleep without him! How ever do military wives cope?]
  • Let me say that Micaiah had a hard time processing all this. Why is Daddy's car here but not Daddy? He would just stand by and stare at Aolani's empty bed and search the house over for her. He is still extremely clingy to Ricky.
Aolani with her distant cousin, Jack
  • Ricky's parents took the kids to an amusement park before we left.
  • Ricky's mom, Nonna, took "portraits" of Aolani:
  • Aolani got to get in their hot tub (which was not hot) each day :)
and Ricky's mom got me a matching swimsuit, too :)

  • I think I'm going to spend a month refining the verses I quote, since I find myself skipping a few when I go through them.
  • We are re-beginning the 'D' verse (that we only practiced once before vacation): Luke 6:31 ~ Do to others as you would have them do to you.