Sunday, November 4, 2012

Accessing the Rewards

I cannot get over the supreme greatness of salvation, especially after physical death.

I'm not going to address the wonderful benefits of being with Christ, being free from this awful sin nature, living for eternity in Heaven, enjoying a resurrected New Earth, having satisfying fellowship, knowing complete freedom, deep peace and joy, fulfilling work and days and relationships and recreation and rest -- all unadulterated by sin! I could go on and on.
But in keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.  2 Peter 3:13
But lately, their are two other (obvious) benefits that leave my mind ever-reeling and oh-so-grateful.

One, Grace (the Person, Jesus) has paid the ransom-price that frees me from having to spend eternity in Prison-Hell. Two, I can now receive rewards for the good deeds I have done during my life.

If I just believe (actively trust) in Jesus, I all-of-a-sudden don't have to pay the punishment I'm due and can get gifts for any good I've done on earth! There is no scale with our good works on one side and our bad works on the other, and we just have to hope that good outweighs bad (that would be a 50-50 scale -- who came up with that idea? God is holy and judges on a 100-0 scale; yep. No one can meet that standard except One.)

Point being that I was never going to reap any reward for my good actions -- even if I had some. Without Jesus, it doesn't matter (99 good versus 1 bad action would cancel out receiving reward for the 99). With Him, I suddenly learn that I have treasure in Heaven that I can access and continue to accumulate.

I go from Hell and receiving no rewards to Heaven and a harvest of rewards! I mean, wow; that is THE BEST DEAL EVER!

Thank You, LORD. May my heart and life be my expression of immense gratitude!

Signed up,