Friday, October 12, 2012

Hooray for Vacay!

  • I'm short on time playing catch-up (bills, budget, meal plans, groceries, laundry, mail, etc.), so this post will focus on our vacation last week. I'll do a kids' update next week.
  • We had the privilege of joining my family (parents and brother's family) in Marco Island, FL for a week! We met my brother's family at the airport and flew there together (which Aolani loved). Simply, we spent most every day at the pool. The kids would nap in the hotel rooms. We'd eat breakfast and lunch in our rooms and go out for dinner (back before 7 p.m. for bedtimes). And, we ate a ton of sugar; I mean, desserts twice a day some times! Ricky and I got to enjoy four dates together (leaving the monitor with my parents in the next room over): dessert on the beach one night, dessert and a movie at the local theater, relaxing in the adult pool during a nap time, and a cafe reading session during a nap time. [Vacation for me = reading a Christian historical fiction book. This one was A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers, and I devoured it! Superb!] I got a little sunburn on my legs and spent the final two days avoiding the sun and the pool (which might explain why I got heat exhaustion one morning, from wearing clothes and not being able to cool off in the heat). Ricky took the kids in the ocean one day, and he also was treated to a round of golf. Aolani enjoyed her first time in a hammock. Ricky and I befriend our maid :) And, I cannot emphasize enough how much fun it was for the two toddlers and two babies to have playmates! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for it all!
  • The only downside was that Aolani got a little sick (producing a lot of mucus) the day we were leaving, which is likely the reason why she barfed after the plane landed (but not in the barf bag, mind you). It was a big mess.