Sunday, August 26, 2012


Honestly, I feel slightly pooped and frazzled. So, this will be short.

I am very "futuristic" (which is supposedly a StrengthsQuest strength) -- always looking ahead to the next thing that will merit my attention, next item on the agenda, next topic for discussion, next meal, next... Anyway, I could go on and on about all the downfalls of this strength, especially my lack of appreciation of the present, not living in the moment as I should, and not treasuring memories or honoring God's handiwork of the past. You get the point.

My to-do list just keeps growing and going. I mark one item off just to add two more. Sometimes I groan in frustration, feeling as if I never get anything done. But, I know that I do. I must or else the to-do list would not serve a purpose. Since I always look ahead, I never pause when I mark something off my list, when I do complete a task. Delete and go. I need to start recognizing what I do get done and give thanks for it.

Specifically, I want to start telling Ricky about one accomplishment, big or small or simple, of the day and proceed to thank God for giving me the ability and task and purpose!