Friday, July 8, 2011

My Unbent Knee

Let me tell you a story, a true story about a healing experience I had in college.

It all began while I was still walking with the help of people or nearby sturdy objects (to aid my loss of balance). I was visiting family, and I slipped in the bathroom trying to get up off the potty alone. My right knee twisted outwards, and rip! Yep, I tore my MCL (tendon in the middle of the knee, beside the famous ACL). In one split second, I was on the floor with a leg that would not straighten ut remained bent.

With little balance and coordination, I could not hop or use crutches. It was straight to a wheelchair for me. This was not how I imagined myself beginning to use the wheelchair, which I thought would be gradual use. This was sudden. A moment. Oh well.

I was to return to college in a few weeks. First, I went to Guatemala, which is a whole other story! Basically, I endured an entire semester at college with a bent leg. It was challenging as I did all of my own transferring.

I came home for Christmas break with my leg still bent and hurting. I went to the orthopedic doctor about it, who confirmed that it was still torn and obviously not healing on its own. He recommended me to a surgeon in Kentucky to have the surgery done up there once I returned to college. The surgery was set for late January.

Meanwhile, Ricky (we were dating then) kept praying that God would miraculously heal my knee and surgery would not be needed. But, he did not share this with me. During the break, I saw one of my dad's friend's wife. Random. She told me, out of nowhere, that God did not want me to have this surgery and that He was going to heal my knee. "Now that's what I'm talking about!" I thought.

Then, God gave my mom this miraculous vision!

I return to Kentucky for the spring semester of college my senior year. And then, it happened one night -- the night before classes resumed.

I went to bed with a bent knee and pain. I awoke, stretched my leg out, and transferred to the wheelchair on a straight leg. Pain-free, too. Praise just broke forth off my lips! God did surgery on my knee while I slept!

I share this great news with Ricky, and he informs me that he had been praying this all along and knew God would heal my knee.

So, no surgery required. Never had pain in my knee again. Praise Jehovah Rophe!