Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Palm Trees Don't Like Snow

Yep, there was even snow in "What is snow?" Wilmington. We woke up Saturday morning to 4 inches of the white stuff! I moved here in 1993, and this was the most snow there has been here in my 18 years of sunny days.
The golf course from the deck

Backyard from the kitchen window
Ravaging the BIRD feeder is our greedy "pet" squirrel, affectionately named LeRoy (after Jim Croce's bad, BAD LeRoy Brown).

What a nice day for staying in the pj's!
Aidan: Let's make snow-cream!
Ricky: What's snow-cream?
Aidan: You're from the north where it snows. A lot.
Ricky: Never heard of snow-cream.
Aidan: It's ice-cream but with snow. Take snow and mix in some milk, vanilla and sugar.
Ricky: Yummmmm.....
Aidan: It figures that the Southerners would try to take something like snow, add sugar and make it edible!

Note: Due to our sugar-fast, we used stevia instead, and it tasted just fine :)