Friday, February 5, 2010

Birth Plan

What is natural childbirth?

Simply, giving birth without medical intervention (or as little as possible).

What is a birth plan and why have one?

A birth plan explains how you want your birthing experience to go.

Why have a birth plan?

If the mother desires for any of her labor and delivery to proceed differently than the hospital's routine, she must write it down. If the mother wants the conventional routine birth, she'll get it.

Here is our Birth Plan. We have explicit reasons for each decision, if anyone has any questions! We'd be silly not to mention that, yes, we know that not everything goes according to plan. But if everything is proceeding normally, these are our wishes. We realize that the unexpected could happen, which is why we are giving birth in a hospital and not at home. There are many good websites about it, just Google "natural childbirth."