Saturday, November 14, 2009

Third Trimester?!

We've been so busy, but an update is overdue! I hit the third trimester this upcoming Thursday, Nov. 19 - YAY ;)

She is a kicker (maybe the best Seahawks kicker is yet to come). I think I felt her get the hiccups twice this past week. It felt like bubbles hitting the inside of my belly, and it tickles :) I feel her move internally A LOT, but whenever I try to feel her on the outside, she will NOT move for me! However, whenever Daddy puts his hand on my belly, she moves for him! He likes it :) I am pretty sure I had my first "Braxton-Hicks" contraction last weekend. It was weird. I have gained 18 pounds; Ricky is feeling it (and me too!). My belly button is more out than in, my butt and hips are so sore, and we think my ankles and feet are starting to swell some (ughhh). I am sleeping better (finally) unless work is particularly stressful that day. The OB/GYN doctors are threatening me with blood-thinning medicine because they are nervous about future blood clots in my legs. I promised to stretch my legs more.

I had an ultrasound a while ago, and Aolani is remarkably healthy. She is very active with long legs and big feet! All her organs, brain, heart are perfect. She kept putting her hand in her mouth, which is a sign of a thumb-sucker! She is now over two pounds. The high-risk OB/GYN is scheduling me to go see a pediatric cardiologist next month to check Aolani's heart very thoroughly (just for reassurance). Here's a pic: