Saturday, November 11, 2017

Surprised by Joy

  • First week of September: My mom left and took Micaiah with her to spend his week with my parents; they did a lot (see slideshow below). Aolani had her week alone with us -- tea time, ice cream shop, date, sleepoveer at friends' place (all three of us), baking, daily movies, and lots of company! We, also, had small group here and a friend come visit, and I had blood work and an Ob/Gyn appointment. And, we met my parents to get Micaiah back ;)
  • Second week of September: We had friends over for dinner; Ricky's paternity/family leave (FMLA) started (paid time off using sick days), which he has 12 weeks of and ends after Thanksgiving; Ricky went to a church meeting; we went to a little girl's birthday party; we visited my grandparents and aunt/uncle (which was a joy); and, we went to small group.
  • Third week of September: Ricky and Micaiah went to a little boy's birthday party; another Ob/Gyn appointment; had the new neighbors over for dinner; took Aolani to the doctor; went to the indoor community pool to exercise and get my legs moving; and, enjoyed a day visit from a friend.
  • Fourth week of September: A friend came over to share prayer time; my mom visits, and we go to the pool, a pumpkin orchard, and my baby shower; and, we went to small group.
  • When we went to Mexico and left the kids with my parents, I think that scared Micaiah. He grew frightened that we might not return to get him. So, he did not want to go to my parents' farm without us (that included his week alone with my parents at their house). But after Aolani's week at DaySpring and all the fun she had, Micaiah started to warm up to the idea of having his own week there. He grew more eager to go as the time grew near, and he ended up having a blast, of course!
  • School verses: Micaiah -- Exodus 20:12, John15:5, Hebrews 13:8 ; Aolani -- Philippians 4:8, Lamentations 3:40, Isaiah 41:10
  • Verses I memorized: Matthew 5:35-39