Sunday, May 21, 2017

Faith is a Free Gift

I was reading in Mark 4 about Jesus calming the storm. The disciples are amazed by this/Him, and Jesus then asks (incredulously/sorrowfully/rhetorically),
"You still have no faith?"
 I remember that faith is a gift.

Surely, Jesus isn't accusing them of not having faith because the gift was never offered. The gift of faith has been more than amply offered to them. Day in, day out Jesus has been with them offering them the gift of faith. Like He's standing there with outstretched arms holding a present, waiting for them to take it. Just reach out and receive this free gift.

So, after the disciples grow afraid of the wind and waves and wildly shake Jesus awake looking for help, He indeed helps and the storm is calmed. And Jesus asks, "After all the daily opportunities to receive this gift of faith, you still haven't taken it?" (my own paraphrase/interpretation). That is sad; I feel for Jesus.

And pray that I daily, boldly reach out to receive this free gift.