Friday, December 11, 2015

Getting Dirty Is Indeed Why

This is excerpted from my friends' blog post, dirty is why we are here. So good!

"I think about the many people Jesus--Jesus, the ONLY clean man--must have been told not to touch.  The lepers.  The Samaritans.  The children.  The outcasts.  The lame.  The demon-possessed.

the sinners

They were dirty.  They smelled.  They were covered in their own filth.  

They were unable to do anything for themselves.

Like me.

How many times Jesus must have been told not to do something.  Because it wasn't how it was done. Because culture wouldn't allow it.  Because it was embarrassing and shameful.  Because it would get him dirty.

Like leaving his heavenly throne of light and righteousness and becoming flesh.  Like holding the children and touching the crippled.  Like carrying the weight and burdens of billions.  Like being spat on and beaten and nailed to a rugged cross.  Like taking on the putrid sins of the world.  

I bet He wept, too.  I bet He cried at the world's broken reality so many times.

And then He touched.  Then He prayed.  Then He went.  Then He gave.

He was here to get dirty.  That is why He came.

If we think for a minute that we are here on this earth to get rich, to get blessed, to get beautified, to build up our own little kingdoms, to get presents, to get famous, to celebrate ourselves this Christmas...I don't know what to say except that you are following the wrong Jesus.  

Christmas : Jesus came to get dirty and to suffer and to die.  And by His scourging, we are healed.

Family, if we are following hard after this Jesus, wherever we are, we better be here to get dirty.  

For His glory."