Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Gift Basket for a New Mom

Yesterday, I got to organize a baby shower for a dear friend. It was the first one I've done, and it was fun! Anyway, there was lot of details to consider and (just in case you ever need shower ideas) I wanted to share a special gift basket idea. My pregnant friend opted for a gift card versus the typical baby supplies you receive at showers (and, it is her fourth baby). Instead of just handing her a card (which would've been fine), I wanted her to have a tangible, useful gift. [Although I put it together, I used a little of the money given for her gift card to make it from everyone and not just from me!]

I know it doesn't "match"; I just used a little sticker I had leftover, the only ribbon I had, and some cloth napkins from my linen closet. Another lady gave me her peach basket; I stuffed some packing paper underneath to elevate the goods.

On to the contents... First off, I had seen this post about homemade natural postpartum goodies for new moms a while ago. I even made me a few things before I had my second child to help with my postpartum healing. So, this is not a completely crazy, unique idea -- I had inspiration :) I was thinking of consumable items to help with nursing, postpartum healing, and diaper changing. I bought three new items, gave her one hand-me-down item, and made six items. I got the recipes, made many lists, bought the ingredients, gathered the right bottles/jars, printed the labels, and constructed a list of all the items in the basket and little notes (that was rolled into a scroll and tied with ribbon) to put in the basket, too. [I had another friend help me to actually make the products.]

Here is the list of what is in the basket and the notes:

For Nursing --
Mother’s Milk Tea 
Washable Breastpads 
Natural Nipple Cream (shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder)
     Apply liberally before and after nursing as desired. Completely safe for
     baby and moisturizing and healing for the breastfeeding mother.

For Postpartum -- 
Perineum Spray (witch hazel, lavender)
     Spray on you perineum after using the restroom.
Comfrey Salve 
     Comfrey is wonderfully healing for damaged skin, and is especially useful
     for lubricating the stretched, sour, and damaged skin of the perineum after
     childbirth. Apply a small scoop with your fingers from front to back after
     using the restroom.
Postpartum Blues Spray (water, geranium)
     Geranium essential oil is excellent to prevent postpartum depression, so
     diffuse around the room to help balance all those adjusting hormones.
Bath Salts (Epsom salt, sea salt, almond oil, lavender, geranium)
     Regular ionized table salt is wonderfully healing for sour and stretched
     muscles after birth. Add 1 cup to your tub.
Dark Chocolate 
     Directions: Unwrap and devour

For Diaper Changing -- 
Baby Oil (almond oil, lavender)
     Use however you want – massage oil, lotion, diaper cream, etc
Hand Sanitizer (aloe vera, vodka, tea tree, eucalyptus)

Here is a view from above:

Note: I also did three shower games. I Googled baby shower games and whoa! There are hundreds to choose from. I chose Name the Baby Animal, Guess the Baby Food (by smell not taste), and Inside the Diaper BagAnd, I had some cute prizes (gifts I already had stored away for such a time as this) for the winners. If anybody wants a recipe for a product described above, contact me. I just used my lotion recipe for the natural nipple cream recipe because it is simple and creamy. Also, I added only one drop of green food coloring to the hand sanitizer (just for fun), but it turned it really dark. I probably won't add any coloring next time I make it.