Sunday, March 4, 2012

Clinging to Truth, the Person

As you may know, I am an intense person. Passionate, extreme, black or white. This is not one of my favorite traits as it can cause friction, put me at odds with others, and make me (what I call) a "not likeable" person. My hubby = everybody loves him.

Anyway, whenever I held a certain viewpoint on a matter, I was gung-ho. I believed what I thought and couldn't be convinced otherwise. I stuck to my guns. Mix this with my stubbornness -- yuck.

All through high school and college I was like this. And then, I graduated.

Since then, I have found that my viewpoints (on nonessential matters) change, some frequently and easily and repeatedly. As I read more, mature more, discuss more, my views evolve. Ideas I had married, I divorced months or years later. Possibly wanting to reunite later on down the road!

And after I changed my mind, I would feel embarrassed. Looking back -- what was I thinking? Getting all huffy and puffy in discussions (at least inwardly) and clinging to my opinion. For what? It's not like I'm talking about essentials (you know, the Trinity, salvation by faith and grace, Jesus' divinity and humanity...).

So, this is one way in which I have greatly changed. I hardly ever get die-hard about a nonessential matter. Yes, I have a take on it but, chances are, it will probably change in the future ;) Now, when discussing an issue, I listen with open ears and pray for an open heart. And never judge.
Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry... ~ James 1:19
Basically, I just try to know Scripture and pray for the Spirit to help me apply it in my being and life. I don't want to cling to an idea but to a Person because I am not engaged to thoughts but to my Lover, Jesus.