Monday, June 7, 2010


  • Ricky's family came down to visit (and vacation) Memorial Day weekend. Anyway, the three DiMartino men have the same swimsuits; it is so cute (if I can use that word)! Here they are:
Triple chicken (Ricky's on top, Daddy Dave is in the middle and Uncle Robby may be the youngest, but apparently he is the strongest!)

I love this shot! They really are this fun :)

  • I must admit that occasionally when I change her diaper, I tell her that her poopy diapers are not for the faint of heart... and she isn't even eating solids yet! The mental preparation begins now, I guess. Just today I made the mistake of letting her "'air out" in between diapers. She had two baby-diarrhea explosions during this privileged time. Before I could grab her, she started throwing her legs down getting it on all visible body parts, the furniture, the wall and Mommy (of course). Her privilege is now revoked.
  • Proof of Puzzle Completion:
Aolani wants to make sure she gets her fair share of the credit. This 2000-piece bomb has been dismantled and passed on.
  • I have two confessions. I will be quick and to the point, and no excuses. One: I haven't been wearing my leg brace as often or as long as I should. Two: I have started watching Seinfeld, and it makes me laugh.

  • Aolani is doing (somewhat) better at naptime. I wonder if she is getting used to me... We can feel your prayers!!

  • Here is a recent picture of my brother and his wife with our niece, Kylie, who is now 11 months old. Get this: Aolani's feet are the same size as her cousin's feet. No joke. Aolani -- who knew Big Foot looked so cute?

  • "How are you doing? Really?" Overall, I'm well. I love being home with my daughter -- watching, helping, feeding, playing, teaching... But, I will honestly tell you that it is HARD. Think of something that seems really hard to you, say running a marathon. Well, I have to run a marathon five days a week. It seemed impossible for me to be pregnant... then take care of myself... then give birth vaginally, let alone naturally... and now caring for a baby alone. It looks like God loves impossible missions ;) One of the most influential people in my life, Katy Beth Searls, who lives in Hungary, taught me a great lesson -- not a verbal lesson but one taught by her actions -- that I daily call to mind. In every situation, she always seems to find something to be grateful for. No matter what. And because she was too busy being thankful, she never had time to utter a criticism or complaint. I call this the attitude of gratitude. When I put on the Armor of God for Aolani each morning, I add this. The attitude of gratitude helps me get through the day.

  • Aolani has been busy the past couple weeks. Once she hit the three-month mark, her "accomplishments" are almost daily! Finding her voice, grasping objects, playing with toys, pulling my hair, pushing up, giggling, recognizing people, responding to music, much more aware, "talking", eating her clothes and whatever else is nearby, etc.