Friday, April 9, 2010

Aolani's Digs

The nursery is FINALLY being posted! Pictures are below, but if you want a visual tour, then there is a video at the bottom with Aidan as your very own Vanna White...

The door is to the left. A friend of ours from our church small group, Margie Boor, made that cloud for Aolani's shower. It's too perfect not to use for decoration. That tree is a stick-on applique that is removable (placed by Aidan's mom, directed by Aidan)!

The two white dressers are hand-me-downs from Aidan's dad. The area to the right is her changing table, which she enjoys. Poop has actually rocket-propelled to the wall on the right before! A lady at the hospital -- who we don't know -- saw us going to/leaving from work and wanted to make something for our baby; hence, the hanging!

Her basket of toys (and books)

Her crib surrounded by "heavenly clouds." The closet (with Ricky's clothes) is to the right.
(The clouds are more of those re-positionable stickers.)

There is going to be another post featuring the crib and changing area.
Sorry if you cannot understand me (Aidan)... my speech is on the decline...