Thursday, March 2, 2017

Spread the Love

  • First week of February: we rented a cabin with two other families (14 total) and had a blast! We also hosted a super bowl party (11 total) ;)

  • Second week of February: Ricky worked out of county most of the week; we went on a short prayer walk and hosted small group.
  • Third week of February: a friend visited for a couple nights, and then Aolani's seventh birthday! First, Grandpa came down and we had pizza/movie night. On her birthday, we went to her favorite park, got pizza, went to see Lego: Batman Movie, then went home to celebrate with homemade ice cream sandwiches (ginger snaps and mango ice cream) and gifts :) Uncle Robby got to meet up with us there. And then...

  • Fourth week of February: Aolani has a friend her age whose birthday is just a week later. So, Aolani got to have two friends for her first sleepover here to celebrate turning seven! She loved it! And we took the next day off school :) Later that week, we had a dear woman from church over for dinner, went to a cookout for a friend's birthday, and went to small group.
  • Micaiah thought that we had to go to Hawai'i to "get" Aolani's name and had to fly way over to Israel to "get" his Hebrew name ;)
  • Aolani informed us, "Peter Pan was right. Girls do talk a lot... because I talk a lot." Love it ;)
  • School verses: Micaiah -- Ephesians 6:1-2, Ephesians 4:32, Proverbs 15:23 ; Aolani -- Psalm 23:4-6, Psalm 119:105
  • Verses I memorized: Matthew 5:1-5  (I'm going to work on memorizing this chapter this year.)