Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Week of Life (ex utero)

No one exaggerated. Eat, sleep and poop is seriously ALL a newborn does. Including Aolani. She is a non-textbook eater: no rhythm, no rhyme, no routine, no schedule. She sleeps very well, although she is getting fussier as she grows. She poops too much according to her diaper-changers ;)

Here are some pictures from her first week:

I think she looks so funny swaddled tightly at the hospital.

Her pediatrician gave her the "thumbs up" to go home.

Her first doctor appointment when she is three days old. She had lost eight ounces, which was normal. My milk came in this morning and her umbilical cord fell off that night!

Her favorite place to sleep!!

Cruisin' with Mommy

This is her first bath. She is very good-natured.

All spiffy

You can tell how dark her skin is here. She definitely has Ricky's coloring. Is she really Caucasian?