Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vision of Prison

Eleven years ago, I was a senior in high school and participated in an event where you walk through the downtown area of your city, quiet and prayerful, but waving Jesus-banners. As the group of people gathered together beforehand, we all got in a circle and some leaders went around the circle, one-by-one, to pray with each individual (so, every person received prayer). I want to bring up one of those prayers I received.

In this specific prayer, God gave this man a vision of/for me. I know -- how do you remember this? Well, I've never understood what it meant and would oft recall it to ponder it over the past decade.

The vision: I am crouching in the corner of a dark, underground prison cell. Someone comes in (not sure of his position or who he is) and says to me, "Jesus has purchased your freedom. What are you still doing in here? Your cell door is unlocked, but you have to get up and walk out."

I was so confused for the first few years because I was free in Christ from the first day of my salvation. I knew I was free. I felt free. I walked in the freedom He gave me. Yeah... so I was perplexed. Eventually, I trusted that He will illuminate it in His own good time.

And, He did.

Within the past month, the vision popped into my head, and the Holy Spirit revealed its meaning to me. What a relief!

The interpretation: It applies to my physical healing! Jesus is the One who has allowed for my healing, but I have to do my part to work it out and make it happen -- to get up and walk out. I haven't really talked about it much, but the Symptometry diet part is a lot of work (we bake and make most everything from scratch and follow the dietary guidelines pretty strictly). Basically, while God is the Healer, Symptometry is my part -- the getting up and walking out.

Phew! Eleven-year-old vision explained :)