Sunday, June 10, 2012

Passions, Mine and Yours

If you know me or have fed me, then you might think that I am a vegetarian. Probably because I've told you so. But... well... I'm not.

Actually, I do eat meat that has been humanely-raised. {This post is not about eating meat, but I will clarify a few points here. I use to be a vegetarian for years -- not because I thought that eating meat was wrong or killing animals was wrong, but because I thought (and still think so) that animals should be able to see the sunlight, breathe fresh air, and play outdoors. Basically, factory-farms were a no-go, and the farm life is my ideal. Once I found meat that I supported, I once again became an omnivore :) Now, it is fairly easy to find the meat I eat. However, I do not eat meat at restaurants. We eat a lot of vegetarian meals because the meat I eat does cost more (so we eat less and make it stretch). Typically, I tell others that are feeding me that I am a vegetarian because I do not want them to feel like they have to buy expensive meat for me.} Ricky eats whatever is in front of him. He agrees with me, but not to the level that I take it.

Okay, that was a long intro!

Point is that this is something that I feel passionate about, but Ricky does not. And, guess what? That's okay by me. I am not bothered by it (greatly). I do not judge him or think less of him for not living or thinking the way I do. Why?

God has a BIG heart. Full of passions. Like millions. I have a very small heart. It might hold a dozen passions at the most. I like to think that when God created me, He selected a few of His passions and placed them in my heart -- to pursue, to care about, to steward, and to faithfully honor. Like callings.

When I read the Bible, I notice that there are a lot of good things to do -- adopt orphans, care for widows, give work to aliens, feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the naked, help the poor, pursue criminal justice, respect animals, seek peace and fairness, (and I'll add a few newer problems) stop sex-slavery, end human-trafficking, fight the pornography industry... murder, rape, spousal abuse, abortion, the breakdown of the family unit and definition of marriage, suicide, drug abuse, animals are beaten... oh, the list goes on!

Anyway, we need to be against such horrors, but seriously, can any one person invest time, energy, or money into all these things? NO. I used to feel bad about not doing or praying for or donating to this or that. Then, I realized -- it's impossible. I'm ONE person. I can't do it all.

I need to focus on the passions in my heart, realize that they are from Him, and try to devote my limited resources to them. If those passions are deemed lesser than other passions in someone else's eyes, oh well. God has put different passions from His own heart into our hearts. And, I just need to respect the ones He has given me. Not feel bad about my own or look down on others for their passions -- just thank Him because He is the giver!

Notes: I am not saying that how faithful you are to your passions has anything to do with salvation By no means! Salvation and heaven are strictly obtainable by faith in Jesus -- not by what you do or don't do. Also, I am mentioning secondary passions. A Christian's first calling is to share the Gospel. Evangelism is more important than anything else.