Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers of Wee Ones

"He gently leads those that have young." ~ Isaiah 40:11 

I frequently think on this verse when I am having a tough day, feel impatient, act grouchy, want to keel over from sleep-deprivation, lack the energy and enthusiasm, or even when it seems like it takes more than I've got to even talk or smile or move. And it is in those moments when these words come to me. Minister to me.

Because I know that He is leading me, each day and each step. He is my faithful Guide. I have my eyes on Jesus, and His word is lighting my path.

It's the word "gently" that gets me. Obviously, He knows the hard-core nature of the work of those that have young. It is tough stuff. And it seems never-ending, always-needed. Not a spare moment. Not a spare breath. Often, not even a spare thought. And, you know what we need? Gentleness. Oh, yes. I may forget diapers, water, clothes, snacks, my mind, and a good attitude. My devotional time is scattered and haphazard (not that it should be or has to be) right now and is not at all what it used to be like before kids. Completion is a thing of the past. But, He understands that I have young. He is gentle in His dealings with me. And, I know that there is more than enough Jesus-grace for mothers of young, who may or may not be in their right mind some [most] of the time.

Thank You, Lord, for gently leading this mother of young!